Tuesday, February 28, 2012


EAP1 Newstalk Survey
Thanks for helping us with our survey!
In our class, we discuss events in the news. Feel free to make any comments about these questions that you want.

1.     Do you watch the Super Bowl for the commercials?

___ Yes                       ___ No

2.     If you don’t like football or the two teams that are playing in the Super Bowl, would you still enjoy the commercials?

___ Yes                       ___ No

3.     Do you think the gift of flowers is a valuable idea for Valentine’s Day?

___ Yes                       ___ No

4.     Do you feel that the US government is trying its best to stop gas prices from going up?

___ Yes                       ___ No

5.     Do you have a smartphone?

___ Yes                       ___ No

6.     What do you like or dislike about it?

7.     Do you think Facebook is convenient?

___ Yes                       ___ No

8.     Do you think Facebook is good for human relationships?

___ Yes                       ___ No

9.     Do you feel it should be illegal to smoke in a car with children in it?

___ Yes                       ___ No

10.  Do you think it’s ok to have your parents live in a nursing home?  Check all that apply.
___ Yes, if they want to be there
___ Yes, if you can’t take care of them yourself
___ Yes, if you can afford it
___ No, it’s never ok
___ No, you should quit your job if you have to, in order to take care of them
___ No, it’s usually too expensive

11.  Do you feel that Americans have enough opportunity to learn about other countries and cultures?

12.  What is your opinion about international students’ communication?

13.  Do you feel the state should recognize and allow gay marriage?

___ Yes                       ___ No

14.  Why or why not?


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