Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Weblog #5 Abdullah

Name: Abdullah Mohammed
Class: EAP1
Instructor: Tom Leverett
Title of article: Qnexa Anti-Obesity drug a Poor Substitute for Diet, Exercise.
Author: Marilisa Kinney Sachteleban
Publication: Yahoo! news
Date of article: Feb, 26, 2012

Short Summary:

      According to the article, Qnexa, the anti-obesity drug, has some risks. However, the food and drug administration (FDA) says that being fat is a bigger problem than these issues that this drug causes. This drug is a not a real cure or treatment for obesity; it's only a placebo.

- What do you think about obesity in America?
- Do you think this drug will be better than exercise and diet?
- Do you think obesity should be conciderd as a chronic disease?
- What about American's lifestyle? And how does it affect obesity?

Your Openion:

      I think obesity is maybe one of the biggest issues in America. About this new drug, I don't really think that it could really be a substitute for exercising, there is no substitute for exercising. Obesity is definitely a chronic disease, some people just can't get rid of it, even with diet and exercising; sometimes the only cure is liposuction.  



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