Thursday, March 01, 2012

Writing Assignment - Abdullah

         Here in EAP-1, we had to meet people and ask them to answer our survey. The survey was about the news, and about some points about the US government, and what people think about it. I went to the student center in the university, and then I tried to explain for the people whom I collected the survey from about our survey and about our class, and they all were very nice and very friendly. However, they were commenting a lot about one specific question, which was the question about the gay marriage. All of them were saying "Why do people ask about this topic all the time!" And some of them were laughing about the super bowl question, which was awkward and strange for me. I had fun looking at people's faces while they were answering our survey; their faces were changing with each question.

        To be honest, the most interesting question was the question about gay marriage, and I was very surprised about the answers. I actually thought that nobody would disagree about gay marriage, but there were quite few disagreeing, and I really loved their answers, such as this answer, "God made Adam & Eve, not Adam & Steve." That was the best answer for this question, and I totally agree with him. The other question I was kind of interested in was the one that talked about the gas issues here in America, and if the US government is doing something about it or not. I was shocked about the answers, they were almost all, "No." A lot of people said this when they were answering this particular question, "Definitely, not!" I can't say I agree with them or not, because I don't actually own a car yet. However, I think they were right.



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