Sunday, March 04, 2012

Survey # Fahad Alolayan EAP1

       In this class, we have talked about many topics such as Facebook, Super Bowl, Smartphones, etc. In the end of this term, we had to do a survey. We had to interview some people about some of those topics. For me, I went to the Student Center at Southern Illinois University to ask some people there. I met five students there, and all of them were studying at that time, so they just said nothing. They filled out those sheets and gave it to me very quickly. Although they handed it back in silence, most of them didn't forget to give me a nice smile.

       In this paragraph, I'll talk about the question which is about parents who live in a nursing home. Actually, I was surprised when I read the final result of the whole survey. There were 32 people who said it's ok for their parents to live in a nursing home. What made it surprising is that because in my culture it is not ok. Even if some parents chose to live in a nursing home, their families will not agree with them. That's not because our parents can't choose what they want, but it is because we always think that our parents are much important than anything else, so they always come first. I have seen a lot of people who have changed their jobs in order to be with their parents. Because we can't count how many nice things they have done for us, I think that it's kind of selfishness from us if we just let them go. So, we have to return some of those nice things for them.


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