Monday, March 05, 2012

Hazhar Amin-Egypt lifts travel ban on Americans,#5- Judge Says -Newastalk#5

 Name :Hazhar Amin

AUTHOR:Muhamed Fahmi
TITLE OF ARTICLE: Egypt lifts travel ban on Americans, Judge Says
DATE OF ARTICLE:FEB: February 29, 2012

At the end,  Egyptian government ended the travel ban on ten of the Americans. During the last two months, the Egyptian government accused some of the American and Europeans with supporting instability in Egypt. There were ten of Americans accused from Egyptian government with supporting instability in Egypt, thus  the government was bane and forbidden them from traveling. This week, the Egyptian government ended this ban on these ten Americans. The American officials welcomed  this decision, but they added that this decision is not enough and considered the decision as "unconfirmed" and "the deal is not done" because there are still a big amount of fines on the ten Americans.        

1- Is the ban on the Americans and Europeans a good and reasonable decision?
2- Is the ban on Americans solve the Egyptians problems?
3- Is lifting the ban on Americans indicate that the Egyptian Government's decision against the ten Americans  was wrong at the beginning? 

I think, these kind of decisions against Americans and Europeans are not wise decision or logic behavior from the Egyptian government. It is not helpful for Egypt to solve it's real political problems with it's people. I think it is better for the Egyptian's government respond honestly to the people's demands in Egypt rather than accusing others and banning their freedom of traveling to and from Egypt.  


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