Monday, March 05, 2012

Survey Pragraphs

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Survey Paragraphs                Name :  Obied Al-Aqlobi

Date of article: 3-5-12

Short summary of the Survey:

      In the CESL, we have a class called “EAP1-A Newstalk”. It’s fond of the universal news. Every student should write  two article reports about recent news weekly Also, students talk about two articles every day. One of the interesting activities in this class is collecting surveys. Every student should interview at least five Americans to ask them about the survey. For me, I collected the survey in the Student Center on Tuesday 2-28-2012. In fact, the interviewees were friendly; they were three students in SIU and two instructors in CESL. I collected the surveys face to face and I was writing their responses. Actually, some of them were interested in some questions in the surveys like gay marriage, whereas some of them were surprised by some questions especially the one about the opportunities for Americans to learn about other countries and cultures. Consequently, I would talk about the opportunities for Americans to learn about other countries and cultures.

The Interesting Question:

 Do you feel that Americans have enough opportunities to learn about other countries and cultures?

         In fact, I’m interested in this question because talking about culture is the best topic for me. It boils down to this: twenty-one of the interviewees felt negative toward this question; whereas thirty-one of them felt positive toward the question. Actually, those people who said Americans don’t have opportunities to interact with other cultures and countries surprised me. Some of them said we are isolated. I think Americans have more opportunities than others because America could be the mother of immigrants. Allegedly, there are more than seven hundred universal channels, which may provide enough opportunities to learn about other cultures via their programs. To sum, I think Americans can interact with others because of the previous explanation.



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