Monday, March 05, 2012

Hazhar Amin-Survey- Writing Assignment

News Talk
Survey Paragraphs Name : Obied Al-Aqlobi
Date of article: 3-5-2012

Short summary of the Survey:

In (CESL) Center of English as a Second Lanuage at SIU, we have an intersting calss called (Newstalk). In Newstalk class, biweekly each student have to prepare two reports about an intersting news. Each steudent have to uplaod at least one of these tow reports on the Newstalk's weblog. So we have to present a presentaion about one of the most intersting news, and debate on it in the class. For the last week Mr. Tom Laverett asked each one present a question in order to design a questionnair for a survey within American students at SIUC. We all tegether under Mr.Laverett's guide made a questionnair form consist of fourteen different questions. The questions were about different topics and news which we discussed it during this term in Newstalk class. The most important  aims of this survey were to find; how Americans think, and what are thier opinions about the same dozen of topics whic we discussed. Each studen have to collect at least five survey's sheets. I did the smae as my coligues did, each one of us collected five survey's sheets after interviwing American students at SIUC. The American students wer very friendly and politness when we asekd them to answer the questions in the questionnair' sheet. Without any problems and any dificulties I interviewed face to face five American students consequently. At first I started interviewing a femal student in Faner Hall, she answerd all the questions silently, she did not asked me any questions about the survey, she just answered them. The second interview, I did it with a Male student outside Faner Hall. So in the result I collected five interviews with three femal and two male. All of them were American students at SIUC in different majors and different levels.

The Interesting Question:

Some results in the interview were expected, but some of them were unexpected for me.
the most intersting question was the 13th question abot gay marrige. This issu isone of the most contriversial issues in America and the world. I liked to know how American students are thinking about this issue. The answers wereexpected according to my opinion towards Americans way of thinking. The result was (46 yes) and (11 No), for the question (Do you feel thestate should recognize and allow gay marrige?). The most interesting comment on this question from who said yes was "Because theyare part of community and we should avoid discrimenation".  In the other hand the most interstiong comment on the smae question from who said No was "I am kind of old fashioned". This sesitive issue showes that American arevery brave and believe of induvidual freedom and equality between them. Even who was against this kind of marrige was very politness and respectfully expressed his opinion.
This project was a very good chance for me to contact with American students at SIUC, because before this survey I did not conracted with any American students, expert the officials at CESL.


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