Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Research Response

Name : Jungwon Bella Moon
                                                                                     Class : EAP1
                                                      Instructor : Tom Leverett
                                                      Date : 3/5/12

Research Response

     Through the survey we could find out what is happening in the world including America. And we have questions how Americans think about these issues. I went to Student Center to do the survey and I met 7 people. Out of these, two people refused because they did not see the Super bowl. Thus I have total 5 participants and they took part in survey very kindly and seriously. They did not say anything while they were answering the questions, and they wished me good luck for my survey.

     After the survey, I was interested in people’s response to “Gay Marriage”. Most people have positive thinking about gay marriage. It was shocking to me, because most Koreans think that Homosexual marriage is considered unethical. Look into their reasons, first because they are part of communities and we should avoid discrimination. Second, there are many kinds of love all over the world, so we should not bind up “marriage” as gender. The most impressive response is 52 year-old man’s reaction. I think that probably the man was old-fashioned because he lookd conservative. Nevertheless, he was more open minded than anyone else. It is good time to know what Americans think.



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