Tuesday, March 06, 2012


News Talk Survey


Kaixuan Zhang (Sherry)

Monday, March 05, 2012


            News Talk class is a very interesting class. In this class students discuss current news together. Because this class gives us countless chances to practice our English skills, we improve our speaking and reading skills a lot. In addition, in the end of the class we also have a chance to go out of the class and to do a survey, in which we can have a chance to communicate with American students. Also, this survey helped us understand more about American culture. I went to the library to do my survey. I asked some American students to help me finish my survey. They are all very nice even if they did not said any comments to me. They only said thanks to me, when they finished those questions.

             In this survey, I found one question which I was most interesting. That is question #9  "Do you feel it should be illegal to smoke in a car with children in  it?" I was a little bit surprised by some people's answer. I felt that in this question most people would say "Yes". However, 56 people did this question and 9 people said "No". I was little sad about those people's answers. Most people know that smoking is very bad for an adult people's health and can have the most damage for children's health. Nevertheless, those people did care about this issue. If I have chance to do this question again, then I want to ask some people who said " No" on this question. I want to ask them more detail on this question; why do they not care about smoke in a car with children in it?



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