Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Overeating May Double the risk of Memory loss.

Author: Alexandra Sifferlin

Title of article : Study : Overeating May Double the risk of Memory loss.

Publication : TIME

Date of article : Feb. 13.2012

Short Summary :
            According to study represented overeating can cause memory loss. People who eat 2143-6000 calories a day have higher chance of getting MCI than people who eat 600-1526 calories. (MCI – Mild Cognitive Impairment) MCI is a kind of illness age-related memory, but its victim doesn’t have a normal daily life.

Issues that you can fine :
-       How can people with MCI have normal daily life when they have a problem with memory and thinking?
-       What kind of thinking problems do people with MCI experience?
-       Is there any specific food affecting MCI?

Your opinion
            It is shocking to me. I have heard that overeating can affect body health, especially weight. I realized that I have to quit eating high calories food my health and memory.    



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