Tuesday, March 06, 2012


Name: Dhayfullah
EAP1 Newstalk Writing Assignment "survey summary"
Instructor: Thomas Leverett
Date: 3/05/12

         In our news talk class, we discuss events in the news. We made a survey of fourteen questions about different topics in the news. Every student should be responsible for five copies of the survey. The survey should be answered by American people in order to know about their point of view. I went to the students' center inside the SIU campus to look for some American students to answer the questions. I found that it was easy to talk to English native speakers. In fact, all of them were very nice and helpful. Although some of them were busy, they decided to help me doing my survey. One girl respondent, I can remember, asked me where I'm from and what I'm studying. The rest of the respondents weren't interested to know more, maybe because they were busy. 
       The results of our survey were various and sometimes unexpected. For example, 29 respondents out of 55 don't think that Facebook is good for human relationship. I was surprised from the results of the last two questions which they are actually related to each other about gay marriage; do you feel that the state should recognize and allow gay marriage? Why or Why not? 46 respondents out of 56 said "Yes" mostly because of rights, freedom and equality. The minority who said "No" to the gay marriage because of religious reasons. To tell the truth, I was interested in this question even though it was sensitive question to many people. The last two questions' papers with me were given to two girls who seemed to be friends. I asked them about their opinion of the last two questions about gay marriage. They have completely different opinion about it and they started a loud argument and long conversation about this issue. I had to stop them from fighting each other and of course to get my papers back. I really appreciate all American students' cooperation with me. Finally, I would like to thank our instructor Mr. Thomas Leverett for his great efforts to teach and encourage his students to do the best and who is the reason behind our great English Language development although it is a very short time.    



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