Tuesday, March 06, 2012

School To Randomly Drug Test Students

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Title of article: School To Randomly Drug Test Students
Publication: ABC News
Date of article: February 14, 2012
         St, Michael is a private Catholic School. They will randomly test students about drug use. The school will give students two days to clean up and will help them to get away from drugs. However, if the students still use drugs during the second times, then the school will kick them out of the school. Also, some parents very strongly agree with this program. They do not want their children to use drugs. Also, they do not want to other children to introduce  the drug to their children.
What do you think a school that will randomly drug test students?
Should the school use another way to test students who use drugs?
Do you like this random drug test?
If you do not use drugs, then school tells you should have a drug test, what will you think?
      I do not agree with the school's using this way to test students who use drugs. The school should have some evidence about which students use drug. Then the school can do the drug test for the suspected students. The randomly test is not a good method to do the drug test. Some students may have drug test many time, and other students may never have a drug test.

Sherry Zhang


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