Tuesday, March 06, 2012


Chengliang Li




The class of NEWSTALK is really interesting and instructive for me. The teaching way the teacher took in class is unique and creative as well as efficient and suitable for students who are in level 5. As for survey, although it is not quite successful, I still enjoy this experience. The interview was conducted in library, where, I think, is a wonderful place for this survey, because the students can concentrate on my survey. The one who is my friend from America, “The survey is stupid and something I organized did not make any sense. All of these questions were not well connected and did not seem to serve any purposes to learning about an American’s way of thinking. Also, asking to fill out the survey does not necessarily mean that the person would have to practice good communication with the person they are asking because people will get the idea of the person handing them the survey without words being said” She said.

     I am interested in some questions, such as smoke in a car when children in it, or gift of flowers for Valentine’s Day, gay marriage, however the others are not. As my understanding, smoking inside cars with children in it should be prohibited without any discussions. Buying flowers in Valentine’s Day is always a good idea. Gay marriage is ok, because people should be treated equally. Some opinions from participants who are gay are really radical due to after some people knew someone is gay, they asked them with a uncomprehending attitude. So, love is love.


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