Tuesday, March 06, 2012


Name: Lara
EAP1 Newstalk Writing Assignment: survey summary
Instructor: Thomes Leverett
Date: 3/ 6/12

In our News talk class, we had discussed many interesting topics that support my knowledge; for example, we had talked about smart phone, nursing home, and watching the super Bowl. However, I learned new things about these topic. After that we have to do a survey about these topics to ask people and listen to their opinion about some questions related to these topics. So, I met five people; two of them are males but others are females. I met them at the library . All of them were smiling and nice to me; that's why I preferred to talk with them about my survey. I was trying to make a good sample of people, who will  help me to make a beneficial survey.

I  really enjoyed these people who I met, and I spent a wonderful time in my survey.  In this paragraph I went to focus on one question which was so interesting to me. The questions is  what do you like about smartphone.  The results  were the majority of college students rely on their phone  so most of them like to  use it . According to these people they said they use it because it is convenient to use, get the website everywhere. and love it; have an iPhone. Simply, I agree with these people who like to use smartphone because it make my life more easy. 


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