Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Paragraph I + II

Name: Kevin
Class: EAP-1A
Date: Mar/6/2012

            The News Talks class is the most interesting class in this term. Students learn lots of unique skills in this class because we do not have correct direction to preview before the class. For our survey, I went to library to do that because I studied over there. When I was studying, I gave the survey to my American friends and the Americans who sit next to my desk. I sit very close with them when they were doing my survey. Unfortunately, they did not talk with me and just help me to do the survey silently. However, there is a person whose attitude was not very good. He told me why he have to help me to do that; therefore, I had a little uncomfortable about that. I perfect people who do not talk anything with me when they are doing the survey for me than having the terrible attitude. In sum, News Talks class is very funny class, but I am very shy to stop people talking and make them to listen to my opinions. Therefore, I practice lots of listening when I am listening to their opinions.
            In the survey, I am very interesting in the Americans who are using the Facebook, and their feeling on that. Fortunately,  most Americans are using the Facebook (YES 47, No 9); nevertheless, there are half and half people feel Facebook is not good for human relationship (Yes 26 No 29). It is very strange because people will not use Facebook if people feel it is good and having the benefit on that. However, there are lots of people use it, yet feel it is not good for humans' relationship. Therefore, I think maybe most of people use Facebook just want to play the games or just want to vent their feeling when they are disappoint. Therefore, I think have to ask my American friends about that to help me find the true answers.



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