Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Newstalk Writing Assignment- Sean (republish)

     This survey was made by all of EAP1-A students in CESL(Center of English as Second Language). The teacher, Mr. Leverett, required us to make questions by ourselves, and he helped us organize those questions and make an interview sheet. Then we brought these interview sheets to ask Americans about their opinions. I invited my friends who live in the same building with me to my apartment on a Sunday afternoon of Feb. 25th, 2012. I provided some drinks for them, and I explained to them I have an survey I need to research. When they realized how important this survey was to me, they were all willing to help me do my interview research. In my interview research, I surveyed five interviewees in total, and I gave them some details about each question; also, I told them what is the purpose of my survey. One of the interviewees, We really had a great afternoon. They were all very kind (Maybe was because I bought them beers) .I appreciated their participating in my research. Before they left, they handed in my interview sheets to me with happy faces. I found something unexpected in their answers that make this survey more interesting. I will analyze these answers in the following paragraph.

 I pick two questions as my topic:

1. Do you watch the Super Bowl for the commercials?

2. If you don't like football or the two team that are playing the Super Bowl, would you still enjoy the commercials?

     For these people who I interviewed, they watched the Super Bowl because it is a part of American culture. American football is the most popular sport in the U.S; therefore for some people, Super Bowl game is the most anticipated event in the entire year. Even if they don't like American football or the teams that they supported do not play in the game, people still watch it. However, some people tend to watch Super Bowl commercials during the game, especially when the teams that they supported do not play in the game, so they will not care too much about the outcome of the game. Hence, they might pay more attention to the commercials. The other reason which attracts people to watch the Super Bowl commercials, is that they are latest and the first time being released on TV. In addition, the Super Bowl commercials also are the individual entertainment; sometimes, Super Bowl commercials are even more fun than the content of the game. Hence, people would like to pay their attention to the Super Bowl commercials, so that they could have the first hand information about what is going to sell on markets. The Super Bowl commercials are not only a part of the game, but that also has already become a sole entertainment.



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