Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Weblog# 5 Sean (republish)

Title of article: Ecstatic Taiwanese claim Knicks' Lin as their own

Author: Associated Press             

Publication: Fox News

Date of article: 2/16/2012

Short summary:

     Some Taiwanese are embracing emerging Knicks' Lin as one of Taiwanese, because his parents were Taiwanese before they immigrated to America. Even some Chinese people think Lin is one of them. They treat Lin as the young Michael Jordan with Taiwanese blood, and they think he is a proud of being Taiwanese, even though Lin never says he is a Taiwanese.


     Lin became a hot issue in America and Asia, is it because of his skills or his race?

     Should Lin feel proud of his success and race?

     Should Taiwan's government recruit Lin to play for Taiwan's national team?

     How shameful will Taiwanese feel, if Lin doesn't think he is a Taiwanese?


     I feel very embarrassed when I see my friends in Taiwan post some news about Lin, especially they are crazy about him , because they feel Lin is a Taiwanese. I don't think Lin will consider himself a Taiwanese, and his success has had nothing to do with Taiwan. He is totally American. He was born and raised in the U.S, everything about him is American. We should feel happy to see a young Asian basketball player be in the NBA because his skills and effort, not because of where he comes from or his race.



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